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Encouragement Again

Encouragement Again

By Keith Bellamy

Let's be encouragers! We need it desperately, don't we? Encouragement, that is!

Diane has a plant that my mother had for years. It was my grandmother’s. It is more than fifty years old. It keeps coming back even when it is neglected. Sometimes it looks like it's not going to make it. But we know Who keeps it alive!

Is there a lesson for us here? Could it be that we need to realize that life is in the "SON!" He reigns, and His Son continues to shine!

2 Peter 3:9 tells me God never gives up on us. While there is still life we all have a chance to be with the Lord.

We may at times feel like throwing in the towel. It may be that we are like my grandmother's plant. We may be worn out and beaten and we may wonder if the suffering will ever let up.

We need to be encouraged!

As the song says, “Where Could I Go, But To The Lord?”



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