• The Preacher Says



by Keith Bellamy

Do you ever get frustrated?

“What do you do about it? Usually I need to go for a walk, and so our dog Sadie and I would go for an extra walk. She liked it, and it helped me deal with my frustration. A preacher friend of mine said Sadie was a good psychologist when she licked his face.”

We lost our Sadie, but now we have Buddybo. He adopted us. God must have known we needed some relief from our frustrations, because He can certainly help in relieving us of our frustrations.

But what about turning our frustrations over to God? Would you be willing to let Him have your frustrations and let Him help you deal with it? Notice the words of Psalm 121:2: “My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth” (NIV). I truly believe that God will help us through the good times as well as the bad times.

The early church was faced with seemingly impossible situations. Persecution was everywhere. And remember, even Jesus’ own people would not accept Him (John 1:11). Do you think Jesus was ever frustrated? He obviously was, when He would question their faith. But He still loved those who doubted.

We live in an age where according to many we need to be politically correct. Back in the first century, the Jews had that same attitude and so did the Gentiles. However, Acts 17:6 tells us that the followers of Jesus had turned the world upside down. They didn’t care about being politically correct.

There’s a song that we sing that says, “My Jesus knows just what I need.” And if we believe that, we know He will help us through our frustrations!


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