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Getting Excited About Sharing the Gospel

Getting Excited About Sharing the Gospel

By Keith Bellamy

There was a day when people got excited about sharing the gospel.

Thankfully there are those who want to support the prison ministry. World Bible School is offering Bibles in the ESV translation for $5.00. We have been blessed with two cases of those Bibles and they are being used in the prison ministry. The inmates like them and they also like the helps included in the Bible.

Last Sunday, nine men were baptized, and we want to think the Bibles donated helped. We know the material from New Life Behavior Ministries helps, too. I was first introduced to Christians Against Substance Abuse thirty years ago. I cannot count all of the conversions to Christ through these efforts.

Can you get excited about the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Think about it please!

We do not expect everyone to be involved in the prison ministry. However, I cannot describe the excitement that prevails in teaching the inmates wherever they may be.

Can you get excited about sharing the gospel? Someone shared the message of Christ with you, didn’t they?

Morgan Bruton responded to the gospel in Crosby on August 1. Someone cared enough to teach her and share the gospel of Jesus with her.

Someone counted thirteen times that church growth is mentioned in the book of Acts. Christians in the early church were excited about sharing the gospel.

There are so many people that don’t know Jesus. And it is up to each of us to share His Good News.

Will you help?


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