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How Are You?

How Are You?

By Keith Bellamy

I asked that question recently of a friend. My friend has had all sorts of things happen to him in his short lifetime. To be honest I wondered how my friend was surviving at all. He had a failed marriage. He had two children who were torn between both parents. His father and mother had both died in a tragic accident. And my friend had been diagnosed with a terrible disease. The doctor told him he might have only six months to live.

Now what was amazing…never once did I hear my friend question God! I never heard my friend ask, “Why me Lord?” I never once heard him blame God.

My friend just kept serving the Lord with all of his being. He was not willing to quit over all of these things happening to him.

My friend wasn't surprised when his friends turned on him. After all, real friends wouldn't do that.

Now some of you may be wondering who this friend is, and some of you who are reading this may not care.

To be honest, this story could be about anyone. I made it up to hopefully get your attention!

Jesus’ own friends abandoned Him. And yet, He still loved them.

Now, how about you? Who, or what, controls you?

I run into people all of the time who try to blame others for their problems. They will quit the church and blame anyone and everyone else. Or, of course, they can always blame it on the preacher!

When someone uses those excuses, it tells me of their lack of commitment to the Lord. But I promise you…those same people will go to work at their jobs with hypocrites.

Yes, there are fake Christians. But isn’t that so in any area of life?

But our God is alive! And His Son is still King of Kings!

Please consider 1 John 3:16: We know love by this, that He laid down His life for us; and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.

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