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By Keith Bellamy

Do you remember the vows you made when you were married? I very well remember 50 years ago when my wife and I were married. I remember the vows and I also know that sometimes I wasn’t what I was supposed to be in our marriage. However, I think I have grown some, and I’m still trying to be better. But the vows--how important are they?

Sometime ago a man was taking care of his very sick wife. She had a terrible disease that left her totally incapacitated. Her husband took care of her day and night. Her husband wanted to do something to celebrate their marriage of 40 years. So, even with his wife unable to really help with this project, the husband planned on having a private ceremony honoring their many years of marriage. Somehow the husband was able to get into his military uniform that he wore when they were married, and he had his wife dressed in her wedding gown. Naturally, because of her condition, she couldn’t really wear the gown, but they improvised. The husband had his children come to their home and he had their preacher present and after everyone had gathered together, the husband said…“I STILL DO!” What a commitment!

Amazing, isn’t it? Or is it? There are more fifty-plus marriages now than there have ever been. What causes these marriages to last?

Clint Black and Lisa Hartman performed a duet years ago, entitled “When I Said I Do.” The message of the song was about commitment to their marriage as husband and wife. Things may change, but the commitment to their marriage would hold them together because they were determined to be faithful and true to each other. What a refreshing attitude.

The religious leaders of Jesus’ day were good at making vows but not keeping them. So that is why He said in Matthew 5:37, “Simply let your 'Yes' be 'Yes,' and your 'No,' 'No'…” When one makes a commitment, one must honor that commitment.

I made a vow to the Lord on April 24, 1960 when I was baptized. I made another vow to the Lord on December 6, 1968, when I said I do. I STILL DO even fifty years later!

Some of you have made a commitment to the Lord. You obeyed Him and became one of His children (John 3:3-5). However, have you forgotten the vow you made to the Lord? Can you still say, “I still do!”?

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