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By Keith Bellamy

A friend shared this thought on her Facebook page. While this lady and I have not met, she was honest enough to say it was a borrowed statement. She shared the following: "When nobody around you seems to measure up, it's time to check your yardstick.”

In Luke 18:9 the Lord started telling a parable. Luke tells us why Jesus told the parable. Notice his words: Then Jesus told this story to some who had great confidence in their own righteousness and scorned everyone else (NLT).)

I wonder if we all need a dose of “what is wrong with looking down on others?” That is what the Pharisees were good at. They loved to have special seats of honor and they loved to look down on others who did not measure up to their standard.

Jesus taught sacrifice. He taught servanthood. And when we are involved in doing just that, we don’t have time to look at what others are doing or not doing.

Jesus’ own disciples didn’t get it at times. Just look at some of the off-the-wall statements they made at times. In Matthew 20:20-24 two of His disciples wanted special seats in the kingdom. Matthew tells us that their mother asked for this favor. I personally think they asked their mother to do this. Jesus had been talking about serving others and they wanted special seats. Would they be looking down at others?

I remember years ago a young man looking down on someone in a gym who was in weak physical shape. Another person made allowances saying maybe the guy was ill.

Recently someone I’ve known for years was attending a church. My friend is a single mom and she is raising a biracial family. Someone at that church made a derogatory remark, so my friend doesn’t go to church anymore. How sad! My friend is doing the best she can, and some self-righteous hypocrite is playing judge.

Self-righteous behavior may rise up to bite you. And that is what looking down on others is, and only God can help us if we practice that type of attitude.

I wouldn’t want to attend a church that looks down on others!

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