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Saying Something You Will Regret

Saying Something You Will Regret

by Keith Bellamy

David Dykes tells about a man named Bill inviting his boss to his house for dinner. He was hoping to make a good impression, so his wife prepared an excellent meal. Eight-year-old Adam was clean and scrubbed and warned to be on his best behavior. After introductions, little Adam wanted to impress his dad’s boss, so he ran into his room and grabbed a deck of cards. He brought them out to the boss and gave them to him. He said, “I want to give you these cards because my dad says that you’re not playing with a full deck.” Oops!! Somebody messed up.

How many times have you put your proverbial foot in your mouth? About the time I think I have learned to not do it, I do it!

Saying something you will regret has come back and haunted many.

Years ago, a man was very angry and said some things about a certain preacher. Late that night, that preacher was killed in a plane crash. No, what was said, did not cause the plane crash. But the one who popped off wished he could take back his hateful words.

Words hurt. Words build up. And sadly, words can destroy.

Jesus was careful with His Words. When He spoke, He was kind and loving. However, there were those times when He had to “unload,” He directed His Words toward religious hypocrites.

Jesus said in Matthew 15:18 something about this in Matthew 15:18. “What comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and defiles a person.” (ESV)

I wish I could be in that much control of what I say. Maybe I need to spend some time by myself and talk to the Lord and ask Him for wisdom, to guide my thoughts and then my words. Maybe, just maybe then I won't say what I don't need to say.

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