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By Keith Bellamy

Up until 2005 most of the people in our area had not experienced a hurricane. If you lived on the Gulf Coast like some of us had, you knew there was a possibility that a hurricane would come.

A religious man was interviewed recently on a major news network about the storm that hit North Carolina. He was asked where God was during all the destruction and deaths that resulted from the storm. His answer was right on. He said that God was there even in the storm. And he said this may be God’s intervention to get our attention. Now while I may not agree with the man on every point I have to admire him standing up for God. We certainly need to have a wakeup call sometimes.

Why is God blamed when there are storms? For that matter, why is God blamed period.

My God loved us enough to deliver us to His Father in heaven. That should be enough. There is an old Stamps-Baxter song that says, “Where Can I go but to the Lord.” Where else can I go?

But we live in a corrupt society. And the society in Jesus’s day was corrupt, too.

Where do you go when the storm hits? My wife tells about going down in a cellar in North Texas when she was a little girl. A tornado was heading their way and her dad carried her into the cellar for protection. Her father wanted to protect his family.

In a very real sense our Father in heaven wants to protect us. He has made it possible for us to be protected from the evil one. However, I can only have that protection on His terms. He said, He was the Way (John 14:6).

When the storm comes we need to be prepared.

We need to be prepared for that heavenly journey.

Are you?


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