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By Keith Bellamy

When I was growing up Easter was always a wonderful time. Not just for hunting Easter eggs, and not only for getting some extra candy with my Easter basket…we went to church to celebrate Christ’s resurrection. Now in our fellowship we celebrate Christ’s resurrection every Sunday. But Easter was always special.

Many in our country don’t emphasize the resurrection anymore because it is such a far-out story. That’s true for the skeptic anyway. And so, I am writing today to those who hopefully believe in the resurrection.

What happens after Easter? Does His resurrection make any difference in your life? What gives you hope?

The late, Annette Funicello once said, "Just because I'm in a wheel chair doesn't mean I can't have a wonderful life." What a wonderful attitude! I wish all of us could develop such an attitude. She had to struggle with Multiple Sclerosis for many years before she died. Just about every boy who grew up in the fifties loved Annette. She was my favorite Mouseketeer from the Mickey Mouse Club. But there was nothing ‘Mickey Mouse’ about that lady! She set the standard for those who struggle with M.S. She had hope.

I was recently counseling someone who has an addiction to alcohol. He had “fallen off the wagon,” and was trying to overcome his addiction once again. The person I was trying to help has a “Christ-less” religion. He had bought into the philosophy that one can deliver “self” from substance abuse. However, I have never seen that happen.

Christ’s Way is the only Way. He is the only One Who promises hope. He is the only One who keeps His promises.

I believe in Jesus’ promise in John 11:25, 26, “Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe? When you die will there be hope. For that matter, where do you place your hope?

The greatest Giver Who ever lived willingly gave His life so that you and I can have eternal life. While His gift is free, He made certain requirements for receiving that gift. We will have to come to Him on His terms. Will you?

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